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Welcome to 'Unique Ikaria', the photography book of Ikaria

It’s great as a gift, a keepsake in your family and/or a wonderful memento of a great vacation. This book was created as a tribute to the people, history, and culture of Ikaria, this small unique, 'Blue Zone' Greek island of longevity.
Presented  in English and Greek with quotes from philosophers such as Socrates, Plato  Democritus, Sophocles and more.  

Unique Ikaria: A photography book of Ikaria Island


"Lovely book I enjoyed seeing the place where I was born. Good job. Great memento. "

Toula B. Greece


It's breathtaking! Most enjoyable, after the wonderful photos, are the incredible choice of quotes to portray the message. What a memorable blend of "soul" and "sight." Congratulations! Michael S. USA


I have it out on my coffee table and it daily reminds me of my fabulous time in Ikaria. 

Susan W. Grand Cayman

"I love it, well done, I'm sending them to my Ikarian families in England and the US."

Topsy D. Greece


"I can see your pride in Ikaria. It brought back many memories for me."

Angela K. Australia

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