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Helpful Information about Ikaria Island

Many articles and TV shows have been sharing the wonders of the natural lifestyle of Ikaria. You can see it on BBC, CBS, CNN, Oprah, and in the news such as: NY Times, London Guardian, LA Times, and London Times.

You can get a taste of Ikaria by clicking the video below: Greek Island a Fountain of Youth.

Travel to Ikaria


Olympic and Aegean Airlines has 40 minute flights from Athens (ATH) to Ikaria Airport (JIK)


Check for 2017 ferryboat schedules to Ikaria and other Greek islands. 

Hellenic Seaways connects Ikaria with Athens (Pireaus Port). You can also find connections with: Mykonos, Syros, Patmos, Fourni, Samos, Chios, Mytilini, Limnos and Kavala.

Figure a 7-8 hour sail in summertime. 
There are two ports, Evdilos on north side and Agios Kirikos on the south side.



You can rent a car from Lemy at the airport operated by Dimitris Mitikas. Tel.: (+30) 22750 71122);  Fax: (+30-22750 71340) and in the capital, Agios Kirikos, from Christos Skizas at Ikaros Car Rental. Tel: (+30) 6973805672 or (+30) 6938340382.

Did you know?

Ikaria was named the 5th "Blue Zone" in the world? This is a place chosen for the longevity and healthy lifestyle of it's inhabitants.  The studies, interviews, and analysis of the 90 and 100 year old Ikarians found that the 'secrets' were:  daily wine, long walks, community involvement, sex, eating honey daily, cooking with the 104 types of fresh weeds/horta, physical activity, nature grown herbal teas and daily naps.


Can't help you with 'all' of this, but, if interested...


Get your Honey at:

Ikarian honey




Herbal teas, herbal ointments, & other Ikarian products:

The Women’s Cooperative of Raches, Christos, Raches -Tel. (+30) 22750.41.076 and Melia Handmade Products -Raches 



Afianes Wines: - Tel.(+30) 22750.40.008 / 41556.
Karimalis Winery: - Tel. (+30) 22750.31.151 and (+30) 694.4920.934

     Alternative activities (hikes, botanical walks, cooking class, boat excursions):

Discover Ikaria: - - Tel. (+30) 690.7547.342


Yoga and Dance seminars:

The EGG: -

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