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About the author of Unique Ikaria

Photo journalist, Robyn Whatley

Photo journalist, Robyn Whatley, is American born, yet for decades she has traveled and lived around the world in places like Japan, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Greece.
She is a mother of two, grandmother of seven, and has just celebrated her 36th anniversary with her husband. Robyn has been taking photos since age nine and has always loved travel, culture, and photography.
She has had two careers. One, as a professional singer performing as the opening act, with the two main legends of the 20th century, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.
Her current profession, for the last four decades has been as a 'natural' health practitioner-masseuse and instructor.
She has lived in Ikaria for fifteen years and has published this book as a tribute to the people and the land of this one-of-a-kind island, Unique Ikaria. 

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