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Unique Ikaria: the idea behind the book

     The idea for Unique Ikaria, the photography book, came after nine years of witnessing and participating in the traditional activities and cultural events of every day life in Ikaria. I realized how in love Ikariotis are with their island and how much the thousands of extended families in Canada, the US, and Australia miss their homeland. So, in my humble way, I wanted to do something to honor the island, the culture, and the Ikarians. For ease of reading and sharing I had it translated into both English and Greek. And since it is my 'perception' that the very unique life in Ikaria is lived as the ancient Greek philosophers could only imagine, I inserted many quotes from Socrates, Epicurus, Plato +++.     

      My goal is to offer the book as a keepsake for Ikarians, a treasured gift, or a wonderful souvenir memento of a visitor's time on this 'unique' island of Ikaria.


I invite you to experience, appreciate, learn and enjoy this adventure through Unique Ikaria.

Robyn (Ourania) Whatley

Unique Ikaria book - Μοναδική Ικαρία βιβλίο
Unique Ikaria book Table of Contents


a society living on the island whose name comes from the legend of the winged man, Icarus.  The author's aim was to show how a group of people live naturally with their proud quiet lives in the way the ancient great philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Epicurus, and Plutarch could only talk about, suggest & dream. 


the culture that supports the elderly as useful citizens and fortifies the youth with a close safe environment of tradition. Witness the spirited carnivals, elaborate weddings, the 16 hour panigyria (saints day festivals), and the Ikarians love of nature and music.


about the island that has been called the ‘healing island’ in ancient times and recently was named the 5th Blue Zone in the world, an honor bestowed for healthy lifestyles and its peoples’ longevity. Glimpse, through the photos and understand a little more about these resilient, humorous, independent people and their appreciation of the safe 'paradise' in which they live. 


the visual beauty and moods of the rugged-wild pine forests, megalith rocks, and amazing crystal clear sea.

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Take a peek inside Unique Ikaria, the photography book!

Unique Ikaria, the photo book
Unique Ikaria, the photo book
Unique Ikaria, the photo book
Unique Ikaria, the photo book
Unique Ikaria, the photo book
Unique Ikaria, the photo book
Unique Ikaria, the photo book
Unique Ikaria, the photo book
Unique Ikaria, the photo book

Philosophy practiced in Ikaria


“The community which has neither poverty nor riches will always have the noblest principles.” Plato


“He who is content with the least, is the wealthiest of all.” Socrates


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato


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