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Paradise, could you take it?

I'm certain that there are many places in the world where people live and believe that they are in a 'paradise'. However, I have never heard it mentioned so many times as I have while residing here in Ikaria, both by visitors and the locals. It's an almost sacred feeling of respect for the sanity that exists here.

And, it's funny because when you first come here to live it seems as if the opposite is true---a bit like insanity. Take for instance (and this will drive you crazy if you are a control freak or in a hurry): when we first arrived we had many things needed in the 140 year old stone house we were to live in. We were told "I'll be there in the afternoon" We learned that if you are expecting a worker(s) to come at a certain time, it's totally possible, and many times probable, that they/he got caught up in the moment at another place .... However, instead of calling to cancel or explain, the thinking is: Why should I call, you know I'm not there! I'm giving you the short hand version.

Now, this takes some getting used to as you can imagine. But you quickly learn that the important things you need, 'do' get done and everything else you perhaps just 'want' will happen when it happens. The times that the expected plan doesn't turn out, you learn and are shown that 'life' just fills that slot up and then you too are living in the moment. Isn't that what all the philosophy books are aboubt any way?? It feels a little like a surprise party every day.

Lessons are learned here not by reading books but just by living the day-to-day Ikarian way. Time and the clock definitely is NOT the Boss here.

And when you look at all the myriad differences that are found in Ikaria, it starts to make sense, is sane, and one's life is more of an oasis and thus is experienced (for sure by me) as a paradise.

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