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It's not only about Panigiris (Saints festivals)

On the island of Ikaria the population swells with visitors (mostly Greek) during the 5-6 week time of July 15 to August 30. (If you want to see the 'real' Ikaria come before or after those dates.) It goes from 62 peaceful quiet villages with approx 8,200 people on the island to about 35,000 new people and their vehicles. It builds daily with planes and ferries arriving with more visitors until there is a crescendo on August 15th as that is the largest holiday other than Easter (Paska). On this day there are many many all night festivals, Panigiris. FYI. There are approximately 80 panigiris to celebrate the villages' saints during the summer and early fall. Here is a short video of Ikaria. ENJOY!

But so much more is going on in Ikaria. The summer days are pure heaven. On the north side of the island there are two sandy beaches, Mestakti and Lavadi. On the south side you have #Seychelles which was just voted one of the top 15 beaches in Europe! You can go to the many hot springs and get your sore muscles attended to just as the residents did in ancient times. If you are a history buff, just go to the new Agio Kirkos Museum. Here, at this small, but beautifully organized museum, you will find treasures as great as one sees in the Athens Archaeological Museum.

Take exploratory boltas (walks/hikes/drives) and discover Ikaria (

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